Knowledge Equity Initiative
Submitted by the Tsai Center Team

2017 Yale World Fellow and Innovator in Residence at Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Tsai CITY) Baljeet Sandhu has launched the Knowledge Equity Initiative, which will focus on how we can meaningfully and equitably value the knowledge gathered through lived experience to pioneer social change, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Her 2017 report The Value of Lived Experience in Social Change: The Need for Leadership and Organizational Development in the Social Sector, outlined evidence in the UK that lived experience continues to have little traction as a core concept in social purpose work and leadership, despite its proven impact in human history. The Knowledge Equity Initiative is the inaugural global hub bringing together a pioneering team of Knowledge Equity Associates from across Yale to design and develop an interdisciplinary program of research, education and practice pilots, as well as a broad range of partnerships to support knowledge equity around the world.