Map the System
Submitted by the Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship

The Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Oxford offers a global competition called Map the System. It asks students to use a systems-thinking approach in order to showcase their understanding of a social, cultural, or environmental challenge that that are passionate about.

Unlike a traditional business or pitch competition, Map the System participants are evaluated based on their depth of understanding of the challenge, rather than focusing on a solution. They will be guided through a programme that allows them to look at the both the ‘problem landscape’ and the ‘solutions landscape’, to identify the gaps or possible levers of change. Not only could this be a valuable learning opportunity for your students, it builds confidence in presentation and also a chance to win cash prizes. For Map the System 2018, there were 27 institutional partners involved with the Global Final held in Oxford, U.K in June.

Educators taking part will be supported by the Skoll Centre and be provided with all the tools, resources, and support needed to run the competition within their institution. Institutional registration for the 2019 competition is now open – register by October 31, 2018!

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