Here you can learn about some of Daniela’s reports and educator toolkits.

Tackling Heropreneurship was Daniela’s first report on the topic of rethinking social entrepreneurship. It documents the opportunity to move beyond social enterprise start-up education and includes ideas for how to move towards systems-led education. The first drafts of the Impact Gaps Canvas were introduced in the report as well as career maps of people whose experiences highlight key learnings from the report. There is also a short SSIR article on Tackling Heropreneurship linked to the site which provides a quick overview of the topic.


Social Impact Educators Toolkit: Impact Gaps Canvas & Map the System is a toolkit, designed for educators, to help put systems-led teaching into practice. In includes ideas for short workshops and full courses as well as tips for adjusting funding practices, social impact business plan competitions, and accelerator programs. By clicking on the image below, you can download this report as well as a range of other tools.